Data Center Decommissioning

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What Data Center Decommissioning Services Do We Provide?

planning and assessment

Planning and assessment

  • Life cycle auditing and accurate reporting was key in maintaining progress and timeframes, reducing workloads for the customers staff.
  • As part of this physical discovery exercise, hardware maps and physical reviews can be completed, allowing the customer to identify snagging issues and rogue assets that may no longer be on a network.


e waste disposal

E-waste Disposal & Remarketing

  • Secure logistics management.
  • Estimate financial cost or return prior to destruction and obtain sign off.
  • Internal or on-site manager to assist with execution at agreed date.
  • Hardware organised and isolated for repurpose, remarketing or ewaste.

our services



We offer data erasure using Blancco software, and physical HDD destruction by crush & shred. On-premise service available.


Responsible recycling as per ISO 14001 standards. You will receive a certificate of destruction for each batch.


De-installing equipment and cabling from racks requires experience and effective planning. We are here to help across Data Centres, or onsite data center decommissioning services.


IT equipment can be heavy and bulky, so freeing up space in your office or warehouse can be liberating – we can help.


We provide a comprehensive list of serial numbers and the audit report of all equipment processed and refurbished for resale.


If it has value and a market demand, we’ll sell it at market price and share the revenue with you. We can also make outright offers for purchase if you’d prefer.


1. What is Data Center Decommissioning?

Decommissioning equipment is the process of shutting down servers, networking and other IT equipment, in preparation for removal of the equipment. Generally, equipment is stored in racks in a designated cage. Decommissioning is required in order to replace or dispose of the hardware.

2. How Does Audit and Reporting Fit into the Data Center Decommissioning Process?

We provide a detailed list of all the assets that are decommissioned. We develop and follow a plan to remove and destroy hard drives, and Inventory reconciliation with asset list (servers and hard drives). If you have specific tracking requirements, let us know via email so we can follow your request.

3. Can You Provide Data Destruction Services as Part of the Data Center Decommissioning Process?

We provide on-site data destruction services that can be incorporated into the decommissioning process. We also offer a locked bin option for HDDs, which is used to transport to our processing facility to witness in person or video recorded destruction.

4. What is Staged Decommissioning?

Staged decommissioning of data center IT assets, storage devices and server racks is the process of removing hard drives, servers, server racks and packing equipment for shipping and final processing. Completing each component, piece by piece.

5. How do I compare decommissioning vendors?

It is recommended to match the services you require to the shortlisted vendors… then speak directly with a project manager to understand the work flow and processes - this is also known as the decommissioning checklist. If there are still multiple vendors to choose from, then pricing and additional, complimentary services should be the final factor in your decision.