How IT Asset Remarketing Can Upgrade Company’s IT Budget?

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As organizations grow and evolve, they will upgrade their IT equipment. In an ever-evolving IT landscape where upgrades are frequent, organizations are faced with a tough question: What to do with old electronics and IT assets of the company?

One easy way is to just sell these assets through IT Asset Remarketing. IT hardware sales are a multi-billion-dollar industry; that being stated a plethora of IT managers, that work for companies both large and small fail to maximize the value of their older assets when refreshing equipment.

Managers must look for IT asset remarketing services so that they can get tremendous value for the devices they are trying to replace. They are either unaware that these re-sale channels exist or simply prefer to trade it into Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that they’re purchasing from.

The concept here is that the pennies on the dollar bargain trade-in value are worth having the equipment off of the floor as soon as possible. Moore’s law states that processing power doubles every 18 months… Now how does that affect resale value?

Far too many of these IT managers fall short of realizing that there are trusted partners, that specialize in end of life hardware solutions and asset remarketing in order to assist enterprises in obtaining the highest possible value for their end of life IT equipment.

Old computers, old communication devices as well as old data storage devices can be remarketed in order to recover funds for future IT Asset use. In the current business climate, it certainly is of the utmost importance to counter both the budget constraints and economic pressures by selling re-marketable assets.

IT hardware buyback programs also known as asset remarketing are an easy way of accomplishing this. Lining up an IT equipment re-sale partner to manage the entire end of life hardware strategy prior to purchasing new equipment is absolutely necessary to ensure a stress free process and an opportunity to get the ‘spot price’ market value for your used hardware.

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In fact, most experts highly suggest that IT managers begin working with these companies before the budget for new IT assets is formulated. It will ensure that the entire management team will have the ability to accurately calculate the impact of the new expenditure. So, companies that sell old electronics in Australia or internationally can gain hefty profits which can be used to upgrade the company’s IT budget.

For example, the budget may allow for additional equipment to be purchased due to the fact that the old electronic equipment is returning more of a payoff than expected. This in turn makes the process of retiring old devices and buying new IT assets far easier for the IT manager.

In addition to the positive financial impact that a trusted re-sale partner provides, there are a few additional benefits of IT asset remarketing to consider. Typically speaking when IT equipment is traded into OEMs selling new hardware they tend to offer significantly less than market value to capitalize on the convenience of a ‘one-stop shop’. Furthermore, financially it’s common that OEMs to add on an extra 2-3% discount on new sales to counter the bitter taste of the exceptionally low offers on the used hardware.

So, you decide to convert your used electronic equipment into a refreshed budget… what happens to the used equipment that’s been traded in? It is by far the greener solution, otherwise known as better for the environment to actually re-use as much equipment in its intended format BEFORE then recycling them.

There are many smaller companies that need to refresh hardware yet simply cannot afford the expensive infrastructure investment. There are many smaller companies that need to refresh hardware yet simply cannot afford the expensive investment to buy IT assets. They greatly appreciate the opportunity to purchase useful used equipment that has gone through IT asset remarketing.

It can be detrimental for company information to end up in the wrong hands, so it is critical that you choose a secondary hardware partner that specializes in data erasure as part of their end-of-life hardware solution. Know that there are differences between data erasure and data destruction. Organizations have to implement data erasure if they want to remarket their IT assets.

In conclusion, when it is time to pull the plug on your old IT equipment there certainly are far better options than collecting ‘paperweights’ or even trading it in with OEM programs. A trusted re-sale partner will provide real-time market value and ensure the equipment is properly handled. Every company, being an IT reseller, an end user, or a Data Centre should have a trusted partner to help build their end-of-life hardware strategy. If you need a professional company that will provide IT asset remarketing services, Eco IT Solutions is the one to choose. Make the most of our remarketing services to increase the IT budget of your firm starting today.

Dean Atrash


Dean Atrash

Hi, I am Dean Atrash, and I founded Eco IT Solutions to make the asset disposal process easy and smooth for all businesses. Most importantly, it was to create a process that is sustainable, secure, and cost-effective.

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