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Software to wipe data for free is convenient for many IT asset managers. They are unaware of the dire repercussions of improper data erasure, such as fines, legal action, lost clients, and damaged brand reputation. By highlighting the drawbacks of free data erasure tools and the advantages of expensive software, this blog hopes to draw attention to these risk implications.

It is crucial to handle data storage devices safely at the end of their useful lives. The application of illegal data wiping techniques or free data wiping software may pave the way for data theft, which can impede any organization’s growth. Free data erasure tools might not be expensive, but they undoubtedly leave traces of private data behind. Are you willing to compromise the value of your brand to save money by using free data erasing software? Is it prudent to take the chance of recycling or reselling IT assets without any evidence or record of data erasure? Certainly Not!

We are here to help you decide which type of data erasure software is best for your company. The following significant differences between free and paid versions are highlighted:

Free Vs. Professional Data Erasure Software

ParameterFree Data Erasure ToolProfessional Data Erasure Tool
Complete Data ErasureDoes not entirely erase the data. Free programs like DBAN do not adhere to NIST recommendations for media sanitization or international data erasure standards. Sensitive corporate information could easily be left behind, resulting in significant legal and financial consequences.Erases data entirely and permanently, leaving no traces behind. Professional tools test their wiping performance with NIST and other international authorities and adhere to 24 international data erasing standards like DoD, NIST, etc.
EffectivenessBecause they cannot find and wipe hidden sections like HPA or DCO on the drives, free versions of data erasure software are typically unsuccessful.Professional tools are incredibly effective on hard disks and SSDs in permanently wiping out hidden sections and remapped sectors.
Detailed Erasure ReportFree data erasure tools produce no report or certificate of data erasure.A thorough report on data erasure is produced by Professional Data Erasure Tool. You can add your company logo to the report to personalize it further.
Data Wiping CertificationA free data erasure offers one message indicating that the data has been erased.Users can obtain a tamper-proof certificate produced using Professional Data Erasure Tool in PDF format for audit trails.
PrecisionFree data erasure tools are not accurate and precise.Professional data erasure tools wipe data from storage devices beyond the scope of recovery.
FunctionalityFree tools cannot delete RAID servers or check drives’ health due to a lack of features and capability. Additionally, they don’t support HexViewer for disk sector data wiping verification.Professional Data Erasure Tool wipes data off RAID servers and checks the drive’s condition. Additionally, HexViewer is supported for the disk sector data wiping verification.
Cost of DestructionFree tools satisfy the basic erasing needs of home users and charge extra for a few improved functionalities.Professional tools are available with a pay-per-use option for bulk erase with infinite perks and benefits.
Customer SupportWhen using free tools, no customer service desk or executive is ready to answer your questions.Professional data erasure software provides trained customer service representatives on hand around-the-clock to help you with your demands.

Risk Implications of Free Data Erasure Tool

In addition to the reasons highlighted in the table above for why a company should use professional data erasure software, you may want to consider the adverse effects and dangers of hazardous free data erasure tools:

Causes Distress

Free data wiping tools are responsible for causing an excessive amount of issues for IT asset managers, technicians, and stakeholders in the lack of proof of cleaning. Auditors can cause all the staff members responsible for managing IT assets and data management to lose sleep if they do not have a thorough record of all data erasure. Data breaches may result in legal action and penalties that upset a business, its IT asset managers, and its data controllers.

Operational Downtime

Software available for free download invites hostile assaults and data breach situations. Such occurrences necessitate thorough investigations. Most businesses experience an unanticipated period of total stoppage of operations while the investigation is ongoing. Depending on the seriousness of the data breach or intrusion, the procedure can take days, weeks, or even months. Additionally, it significantly negatively impacts the company’s revenue and stock market value.

Use reputable data erasure software to avoid these problems, ensuring each device is permanently erased using international data erasure standards. The reports and certificates the software generates, the chain of custody, hardware model, unique ID, serial number, and other information are also recorded. The cloud repository makes it easy to find old records whenever needed.

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