Is Hard Drive Shredding a Secure Data Destruction Method?

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What is secure data destruction?

The process of erasing data from hard drives, phones, computers, and other electronic devices is known as data destruction. Secure data destruction makes sure that after it is destroyed, the data is fully unreadable and cannot be accessed. All data are erased and made untraceable using various methods. Blanco Data erasure software is used for the secure deletion of data.

Just deleting data from a storage device is not enough. Various Data destruction software is used to overwrite available space/blocks with data until the file is considered irretrievable.

Methods of Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Do not microwave, roast on a spit, dip in acid, or place the drive next to a strong magnet; the purpose is to render the platters so they won’t spin. It’s important to properly delete data, and there are several ways to do this by removing data from hard drives.

As a result, the following methods can be used to physically destroy a hard drive:

  • Degaussing Hard Drives
  • Disintegrating Hard Drives
  • Shredding Hard Drives
  • Wiping Hard Drives

Hard Drive Shredding

Shredding a hard drive is one of the most popular ways to destroy a hard disk drive. It is very effective and involves the physical destruction of the hard disk. Special shredders are used to shred hard drives. These shredders are specially designed to shred metal parts of the hard drives. Hard drive shredders use timed conveyor belts and reinforced steel cutting shafts with enlarged gap settings to prevent overfeeding. 

Hard drive shredding is very useful for organizations that have lots of old hard drives and need to get rid of data in them. Hard drive shredding is the fastest and most efficient process for such organizations. So, if you are looking for a hard drive destruction service, you can trust Eco IT Solutions for the service.

hard drive shredding

Hard Drive shredders shred the disk into such small bits and pieces that it becomes impossible to retrieve data from the remains

How effective is Hard drive shredding?

Now that we know what happens in Hard drive shredding, we can tell that it is a super effective and secure data destruction method. Hard disk shredding is considered very safe and effective because shredding the hard drive ensures complete destruction of the drive and data. Hence, it is not possible to retrieve anything from those broken pieces. 

Hard disk formatting or degaussing leaves chances for hackers and thieves to able to retrieve data from the hard disk. But shredding the hard disk will transform the hard drive into very tiny pieces of metal so it becomes almost impossible to retrieve any data. The tiny pieces can be recycled later which will guarantee that the data is never to be accessed. So, we can say that hard drive shredding is a pretty secure and effective method of data destruction.

Hard Drive Destruction vs Hard Drive Degaussing

Hard drive destruction and hard drive degaussing are two of the most effective methods of secure data destruction. However, there are a few security differences between destruction of hard drive and degaussing a hard disk. Hard drive degaussing process doesn’t entirely wipe out the data from the drive. The data is still their but unreadable. This leaves the possibility of the data being able to be recovered if a skilled hacker/thief tries to recover it.

However, destroying the hard disk will reduce the hard disk into bits and pieces making it impossible for anyone to recover any data from those tiny pieces. Hence, we can say that hard drive destruction gives you more secure destruction of data.

Benefits of Shredding the Hard disk

Easy and Convenient: Shredding a hard disk is easy if you have a proper metal shredder. You just need to throw the old hard drives into the shredder and your hard drive is turned into tiny metal scraps. It is impossible to recover any data.

Cost Effective: Other forms of data destruction involve various software and tools and take lots of hours and manpower to complete the task. Whereas, shredding a hard drive just needs a shredder and an operator. It is cheaper compared to other forms of data destruction.

Effective: Out of all the other forms of data destruction, shredding the hard disk guarantees the most secure results. Other forms of data destruction leave some traces for hackers and thieves to be able to track and retrieve data but shredding makes it impossible. 

Time: Other forms of data destruction takes a lot of time and still cannot guarantee secured data destruction. Hard disk shredding is easy, convenient, and quick.


After all the points made above, we can conclude that hard disk shredding is a very effective and secure data destruction method. If you are looking for hard disk shredding services, feel free to give us a call.

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