Organizations store huge quantities of sensitive data on their IT hardware and equipment. Once these devices reach the end of their life, they become a burden to business owners as the need for safekeeping and securing data arises. They fear that confidential information might fall into the wrong hands and affect the organization’s name and reputation. For this reason, they are led to search for the secure disposal of IT equipment.

Why Is the Secure Disposal of IT Equipment Important?

While obsolete and damaged IT assets like DVDs, CDs, PCs, smartphones, flash drives, memory cards, and hard drives can be reformatted, erased, wiped, or degaussed, if the physical devices themselves remain intact, it is likely that data can still be retrieved. To reduce the risks, secure data destruction should be implemented.

How Secure Data Destruction Works

In the process of disposing of IT equipment and data destruction, several methods can be used. But as for most companies, they use the Blancco data erasure software. It’s among the most secure and trusted software when it comes to getting rid of data.

The use of the Blancco data erasure software comes with more perks over traditional physical destruction methods. With this software, data sanitization can be achieved and even erased in a live environment without experiencing downtimes.

In addition, all confidential and personal data are wiped from devices in the most secure way. After that, a certification of erasure is issued per device for legislation compliance.
Here’s a quick overview on the inclusions of a secure data destruction service:

  • Hardware Collection – The company will arrange a pickup schedule for the collection of your IT equipment.
  • Asset list – At this stage, all IT components should have already reached the facility. Now, a list of all IT assets is created, and everything will be sorted accordingly.
  • Data Destruction – During the data destruction process, digital and magnetic media, such as discs and hard drives are destroyed. At the end of the process, data can no longer be read or retrieved. This process will be explained further below.
  • Certification – The ITAD company then gives a certificate of secure data destruction.

A Closer Look into the Entire Data Erasure Process

Because the data destruction process requires a technical expertise, only certified and licensed ITAD companies are allowed to offer secure disposal of IT equipment services. But to give you a better idea at what they do, here’s a quick overview of the process:

1. Fetch the hard disk parameters.
2. Test the hard drive for errors. Most of the time, the SMART self-test will be used. But this is only optional.
3. Next, write hard disk sectors with specific patterns starting with sector number 0. Count the write errors as they come up as bad sectors.
4. Now, the buffers are flushed. Errors will be checked again in this stage.
5. If there are multiple overwriting passes specified, steps 3 and 4 need to be repeated. You will notice that the number of bad sectors are multiplied by the amount of overwriting passes.

You may ask, “what if the Blancco data erasure software fails in the process?” Well, that should not be a problem because the concerned device will be destroyed onsite in the company’s secured shredding facility. The device will be shred into tiny pieces.

When Do You Need a Secure Data Destruction Service?

When is a secure data destruction service needed? There are many instances and situations that call for it. Perhaps your company’s data are scattered across different systems and you need to reduce your maintenance costs by migrating everything to a bigger and more reliable hardware. Or maybe there has been a sudden acquisition of business, which requires extra hardware for redundant data and applications. These two scenarios are only among the most common instances when the service is required.

Moving to a New Office Soon?

Are you moving offices soon? Then you might want to consider the options to securely get rid of any obsolete IT equipment or choose e-waste recycling services. Many local companies that offer electronic recycling in Australia may assist you with all your office logistics, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem here. Not only will you have a hassle-free experience when moving to your new office space, you might also earn money from reselling reusable components.

However, if no local electronic recycling facilities service your area, it is best to find companies that offer ITAD services. They can also assist and help with the logistics.

More Reasons Not to Dump IT Hardware

Aside from complying with local legislations and ensuring your data remains safe, the secure destruction of data has lots of benefits. We’ve listed some of them below:

1. Preserve our natural resources.
Recycled IT hardware components are often reused in the assembly or fabrication of new computers. By extending the use of these components, the need to create new materials like metal and plastic are ultimately lowered.

2. Maximise the value of your outdated IT equipment.
Working with certified IT disposal companies allows you to resell an IT component and maximise its value. The sales returns can offset the disposal costs and even return a credit to your business.

3. Avoid unnecessary data risks.
If you don’t work with a certified ITAD company, you might put your company’s data at risk. Millions of dollars are spent on cyber security, it is important to maintain this level of diligence at disposal.

4. Leave a lasting positive impact to the community.
Your old IT equipment might have already served its purpose for your organisation, but it may still be useful to others. The secure disposal of your IT assets gives you the opportunity to give back to your community. There might be causes headed by charitable institutions that will benefit from a computer donation.

Why Choose Eco IT Solutions?

There are plenty of companies that offer ITAD and computer recycling in Sydney, but why choose Eco IT Solutions? We make this process easy and hassle free, convenient for you with 24-48hr collection times.

Our IT asset disposal services are compliant with the data protection legislation and in line with environmentally responsible ISO certifications of 14001, 9001. You will receive data erasure and responsible e-waste disposal certificates for each batch.

Should you be interested in any of our services, feel free to reach out. Call us at 02 8055 3775 or visit us at Level 3, 11 York St., Sydney, NSW, 2000.