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This blog will discuss the reasons for choosing a certified IT asset disposal company (ITAD).  Why is choosing a certified IT asset disposition company a crucial component of every data destruction policy, and what are the risks of working with an uncertified service provider?

As its name suggests, an IT asset disposal company focuses on disposing of storage devices that are no longer in use by enterprises or that have reached the end of their useful lives. When an organization decides to discard and dispose of its equipment, it typically hires an ITAD company to dispose of its unwanted IT assets securely and environmentally friendly. After the end of the Asset’s life cycle, they need to be properly disposed of. Any organizational data destruction policy must have a clearly defined and thoroughly thought-out data destruction strategy. It is impossible to decommission servers and dispose of devices like laptops, monitors, and hard drives at will because doing so poses security and environmental risks.

Due to strict international data regulatory standards and an increase in data breaches, choosing an ITAD company today involves more factors than just an organization’s capacity to dispose of its IT assets. In light of this, we examine “the top 5 reasons to select a qualified supplier for IT Asset Disposition.”

Here they are – the “Top 5 Reasons To Choose A Certified IT Asset Disposition Company,” no matter your global location:

  • Reduces the Risk of a Data Breach
  • Aids in Complying with Regulations
  • Possess a Certification
  • Perform Thorough and Permanent Data Destruction
  • Responsibly Handle Environmental Concerns

Reduces the Risk of a Data Breach

Selecting a certified company is essential for ensuring secure and irreversible data destruction with due diligence and destruction evidence to reduce the risk of a data breach. The success of any firm might be hampered or stopped altogether if due care is not exercised in choosing a licensed and reputable vendor. Therefore, a certified ITAD firm ensures that your stakeholders’ data is safe from threats. A data breach has no recovery potential. Some nations use prison sentences to hold people accountable (rather than the company). The negligence on the part of the data breach subsequently results in lawsuits worth millions of dollars and loss of customer trust.

Aids In Complying With Regulations

A mandatory auditable document certifying that the data was erased or destroyed from the disposed IT asset is required under an organizational data destruction policy. To ensure that you fulfill your audit and compliance needs, a dependable, reputable, and certified ITAD vendor delivers thorough documentation of each wipe and destruction procedure. According to ADISA, e-Stewards, or R2V3 rules of data destruction, a certified IT asset disposition organization maintains a chain of custody document. The ITAD Company also offers Certificates of Destruction (COD), which serve as proof of destruction and confirm that all devices have been wiped, destroyed, or repurposed following international erasure standards and norms.

Possess a Certification

Industry standards and certifications for ITAD make sure that these authorized IT asset disposal businesses and recyclers are recognized by independent auditors and certifying organizations for their ability to dispose of and recycle IT assets following international standards. Among the significant certifications and certifying bodies (ISO 45001), are Responsible Recycling (R2) by SERI (Sustainable Electronics and Recycling International), NAID AAA certifications by iSigma, e-Stewards by Basel Action Network, ADISA’s IT Asset Recovery certification, and international ISO standards for Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO14001), and Health and Safety (ISO 45001). R2, NAID AAA, and e-Stewards are some of the most reliable ITAD vendors holding certifications. Therefore, when choosing the best data destruction vendor for your firm, seek these qualifications.

Perform Thorough And Permanent Data Destruction

An experienced ITAD vendor ensures that your data is erased or destroyed without any chance of recovery, not even in a lab environment. ITADs often either destroy the device using a commercial shredder or other physical destruction procedures or destroy data by overwriting to make the device suitable for reuse. These ITADs use professional data wiping software, such as Blancco, which ensures secure and long-lasting data sanitization to wipe the device in preparation for reuse.

Leading ITADs provide on-site and off-site data erasure options based on your preferences. These ITADs use a streamlined procedure to guarantee that every aspect of your device is documented when transported to a different facility, giving you full access to the information and a secure chain of custody before it is destroyed. They provide an erasure report and certification after safely wiping the device.

Responsibly Handle Environmental Concerns

One environmental and public health issue with the fastest growth rate that the globe is currently experiencing is discarded e-waste. According to research jointly by the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, millions of tons of electronic garbage are generated yearly.

Most of this e-waste is discarded in landfills and aquatic ecosystems, posing a health risk to humans and other living things on land and in the water. As a responsible company, you would not want to contribute to the plague of e-waste or be a part of the hazardous chemicals and radiation in this e-waste. Your wasted IT assets will be responsibly recycled or repurposed if you choose an ITAD that is certified.

Why are Certifications so Important to IT Asset Disposition Companies?

Although certification is optional, it gives you access to independent, qualified third-party verification of an ITAD vendor’s procedures. Certifications demonstrate a vendor’s thorough knowledge of and adherence to all relevant legislation.

When you think about some of the problems the sector is dealing with, having this degree of expertise has never been more critical.

  • Data is becoming increasingly exposed, and attacks on data are occurring everywhere.
  • Industries are implementing new rules and compliance requirements to safeguard customer data and privacy.
  • Environmental standards are being updated as a result of climate change.

Earning certifications also shows a vendor’s dedication to its customers and commitment to performing at a specific level by showing that it will spend the time and money necessary to pursue certification.


When the security of your crucial storage devices and client data is at risk, choosing a Certified ITAD expert is essential. You may rest easy knowing your data is secure by ensuring your preferred vendor destroys it securely and under all applicable laws and regulations. Your chosen ITAD professional should be devoted to data security, compliance, and sustainability. Do you need an ITAD solution with certification? Contact Eco IT Solutions right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are the risks of improper IT disposal?

When getting rid of computer hardware, software, and other items, there are a lot of hazards to take into account. Some of them are: Security hazards: Improper disposal may result in a number of security risks, including the disclosure of viruses and the loss of personal data. Negative public relations issues: It may be necessary to properly dispose of assets in order to retain a favorable public perception of environmental sustainability.

What is an Asset's end-of-life cycle?

An organization's end-of-life cycle is the time frame between when it decides it wants to get rid of a piece of equipment and when it actually does so. This procedure may start on or shortly before expiration dates or other indicators of an asset's end-of-life. Planning a disposal strategy, allocating funds, and assigning staff to disposal-related duties are all possible steps in this cycle.

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